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To celebrate the Amazon release of their NEW Kids Chef Aprons, Dapper&Doll is giving away 100 free!


Why Trust Us?


Kirsten Chong

CEO & Co-Founder | Dapper&Doll

I started my company to help parents like you (and me!) teach kids valuable life skills through playing.

I run this business with my son, Timmy.

We love our business and we do our very best to satisfy each and every customer.

You see… I’ve always been a bit of an idealist

When I started this business, I knew Timmy would be looking to me for guidance. I just couldn’t bring myself to teach him that business is only about making money… so we chose another path.

We decided we’ll only make products that bring others joy and run the business to satisfy our customers.

I’m so thankful that you decided to try one of our new products — the apron & chef hat.

Your little one is going to LOVE THIS!


Kirsten Chong

Who Are We?

Dapper&Doll is a family-owned business based in Portland Oregon.

We craft each and every product with love and attention to detail. In an effort to launch our business in a big way on Amazon and generate social buzz, we’re giving away 100 free kids apron & chef hat sets.

How This Works

You need to sign up to get the rebate instructions via email because if we were to post the info online we would get too many orders.

We’re a small company with limited resources and have set aside 100 kids aprons for this promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you giving kids aprons away for free?

We need photos! To receive the 100% rebate on our kids apron you’ll need to share a photo of your child cooking or playing in the apron on facebook or instagram and tag us. 

Why do I need to register for the rebate?

We’re a small company with limited resources and we can only give away 100 for free.  We don’t want anyone to be disappointed so you must register to get the rebate information. If we were to post the information on Facebook or the Internet we would get too many orders.

How long does it take to get my money back?

Great question. Most other companies take at least 30 days to issue rebates back to their customers. We get you 100% of your money back in 3-5 days via paypal, which is a huge reason why customers absolutely love our promotions!

How can I be sure this is safe?

We totally get it… It can be hard shelling out your hard earned money to buy a product at full price, with the expectation that you will get your money back. Trust that we’re an honest family-run business! If we scammed people, we’d have been out of business a long time ago 🙂 Not to mention… the sale occurs on (the worlds most trusted platform)

Is leaving a 5-star review on Amazon required?

Absolutely not. Leaving a review is not required in exchange for participating in this rebate promotion. Amazon’s terms of service is strictly against that. That being said… you are certainly free to leave a review if you love the product, and would enjoy doing so.

What’s the catch?

As stated previously… to receive the rebate you must purchase our product and share a photo on facebook or instagram. We will send you a 100% rebate for one kids apron via paypal.  We do not cover taxes or shipping — if you’re a prime member shipping is free!

Can I get more than one?

No sorry. We limit 1 rebate per customer, as to get this in as many hands as possible with the very limited amount of inventory we have to work with. It’s very important that you take advantage ASAP to ensure you get one.

This deal expires:

Customer Photos

Our goal is to collect 100 photos! Email a photo to get your 100% rebate!

​Guaranteed safe and secure checkout via

Click the button below to get this product 100% for free today

This deal expires:
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Where should we send the 100% rebate information?

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