Kirsten Chong

CEO & Founder | Dapper&Doll
Hi! I’m Kirsten CEO and Founder of Dapper&Doll.

I run this business with my son, Timmy.  We love our business and we do our very best to satisfy each and every customer.

You see… I’ve always been a bit of an idealist 🙂

When I started this business, I knew Timmy would be looking to me for guidance.

I just couldn’t bring myself to teach him that business is only about making money…

So we chose another path. 

We decided we’ll only make products that bring others joy and run the business to satisfy our customers.

Earlier this year we launched our first product, a kids apron and chef hat on Amazon and it was a huge hit!

The idea for the apron and chef hat came about one movie night after watching Disney’s Ratatouille.

Timmy wanted a chef outfit like Chef Remy, but I couldn’t find them anywhere!

So I started making chef outfits in fun colors and everyone who saw one wanted one. I had no idea this product would be so popular!


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