Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

I was sitting in a monthly get together of other young mom’s where there are different speakers featured every month and this past month was on the *exciting* topic of BUDGETING…woot woot.

Surprisingly…I found it extremely helpful and inspiring (can you really say that about #’s and spreadsheets?) and came away with a lot of useful tools to really help save me a lot of time in different areas of my life.

One of those areas happens to be MEAL PLANNING. Bleh. Not a fan (no time ha!) but I find that my husband and I are wasting dollars going to the grocery store every. single. day. Not to mention the time it takes to load the kids up in the car, tantrums about not finding a car cart, followed by the “I want I wants.”

So back to the mom’s monthly – they talked about a meal planning service called Plan to Eat. I had completely forgotton about it but I have used before kids, and it’s A-Mazing!!! I promptly pulled up my account and renewed on the spot.


Here is what I love about it (in list form – of course)

  1. Organize all your recipes in one spot. You can search their database, your friends recipes, import from other websites, OR enter them manually. They make it so versatile and easy to populate!
  2. Plan out your meals on a calendar. You can filter the recipes down to help find certain recipes with ingredients you have on hand, or add recipes to a queue, OR utilize a mini calendar and drag/drop as you are browsing through recipes.
  3. Finally (and this is my favorite): Shopping lists are auto created! By taking all the ingredients needed from all your recipes and adding them all up, all you have to do is choose which days you want to shop for, and print! Easy as pie.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat If you are looking at your week and overwhelmed with all the to-dos and the thought of even trying to be creative beyond taco tuesdays, you have to give Plan to Eat a try – the cost is a steal for the amount you will save in time and money. Seriously.

For more information on how it works and to even sign up for a free trial, check out Plan to Eat.


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