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    3D Wooden Puzzle | Catapult

    Firing off the Catapult will delight not only your children, but the entire family. Utilizing safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees without any added toxins or glues, you can build the Catapult and launch a variety of items into the sky with the whole family.

    Even small children can safely play with WoodTrick sets without fear of exposure to harmful chemicals or dyes, although we recommend parental supervision when small children build and play.

    The three-dimensional catapult constructor will not just entertain you, but it will blast you back to the past; to a time of legendary knights, dragons and other magical creatures! WoodTrick sets grab a hold of your imagination, and make you feel like you are both the engineer and the warrior! You and your child will have a great time building the catapult, and then launching projectiles at the enemy battalion!

    Building these sets will draw out and propel your child’s ability to plan and build their own structure or vehicle like a true architect or engineer. Our hope at WoodTrick is that building this set will not only bring the family together, but we will also be molding the future creative minds around the world! The Catapult consists of nearly a hundred parts, but do not be intimidated: each set includes detailed, illustrated instructions! Follow these instructions to build the set quickly and correctly!

    WoodTrick sets are beautiful, aesthetic wooden toys. Like our other sets, the Catapult model will be a worthy addition to the collection of your children. Display it in their rooms, or on the mantle to make your guests jealous of your child’s engineering skills! Order the Catapult now - and start your child on the path to developing a creative, constructive mind!